Come and relax in a beautiful place . Open from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., a 4 seater spa at 37 ° 
The view of our green space and its relaxing armchairs make this place the ally of your well-being, the guarantee of a successful stay at Ferme de Bonavis.
HOW TO BOOK (booking possible only on this site):
Book your room via the "book direct" module, then after choosing your room, you will be offered a spa reservation, then confirm your reservation. Please note: maximum 4 people per session. spa reserved for over 14 years old.
Relaxation area rules
1. The relaxation area is a private family area. It is reserved for residents only who have reserved a room on the site under cover of their civil insurance.
2. Access to children is strictly prohibited without parental supervision.
3. This space being a place of rest and relaxation and in order to preserve the integrity of the places and the residents, diving, games accessories, noisy activities are prohibited.
4. For hygiene reasons, before any access to the SPA, a prior shower and swimsuit are compulsory: bath towels will be provided to access the relaxation area.
5. The use of this space is not private.

Attention: The practice of the spa is not without consequences for health according to individuals. We invite users to be careful and to inquire about this practice from their doctor. During pregnancy, its use is not recommended. If you have health problems (cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity…) ask for advice before using the spa. In case of skin lesions do not use the spa.
NB: The spa is prohibited for children under 14 years old and unaccompanied minors

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