The restaurants

The restaurants :

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Near the farm by walking

Grill meat in a fire wood

open on friday and saturday evening


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 at 3 miles, 5 kms,  Good food and beautiful plates!!



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At 4 miles , 6 kms, Pancakes ans salads in a old hunting lodge 



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 At 3 miles , 5 kms,   Di Mario frites a snack or Di Mario pizza 



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at 6.8 miles,  10.6 kms  good pizzeria at Cambrai


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At 7 miles,  11 kms A traditional restaurant in Cambrai to discover some local specialties. The aperitif will be offered to you.


You can also prepare your meals in the studios and the gîte, which have a kitchen. You are completely independent.

You can also have a picnic. A fridge and microwave are available on the ground floor. The large outdoor terrace is at your disposal with several tables

 ONLY on this site, you can book meals trays. 


Intermarché contact at Gouzeaucourt 5.5 kms

Aldi to Gouzeaucourt 5 kms

Carrefour market in Masnières 4.2 kms

Cora to Cambrai 7.7 kms

Delivery every Saturday to the Ferme de Bonavis direct from the Ferme du Riot Chanterain de Lesdain:

butter, eggs, cream, milk, yogurts, dessert creams, fromage blanc, milk on order on Friday by sms at 0607762169

Mon bio Quesnet at 700 m organic vegetable and strawberry producer (facebook)